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Wonderful birthing, breathing and partnerclasses, allowing you to be “Pregnant with Body&Mind”

Learn everything about:

  • pelvic stability
  • pelvic floor
  • contractions
  • stages of birth
  • natural pain management
  • breathing techniques
  • fear-and emotional management
  • partnermassage/counterpressure
  • relaxation exercises
  • Tips for your birthplan
  • heal faster after your pregnancy
  • create awareness and strengthen the bond with your baby
  • 1-day full course or plan your own private sessions

1-DAY PRIVATE PREGNANCY COURSE WITH YOUR PARTNER AT THE STUDIO FOR €240, : In just one morning or afternoon you’ll learn all the basics about childbirthpreparation! This and many practical tips all in approx. 4 hours at our comfortable studio where we have soft mats and cushions, blankets and balls to use and anathomic posters and materials to make sure that when you leave the studio, everything will be cristal-clear to you.

Tea and fruit is included in your course.

Also possible on weekenddays! To book please contact by phone 0639879904 or use the contact form.

Short private sessions: for any pregnancy consultation, a quick reminder just before your due-date, some (extra) breathing practice, a session of pre- or postnatal fitness, (personal training) or a mindfulness/relaxation session you can plan your personal consultations at a rate of €60,-/45 minutes at the studio.


For moms who want to get back into shape without missing out on precious time with their baby :

2-Gethercise €135,- for 8 weeks or for 10 times.

Postnatal exercise classes for you together with your baby (from 6 weeks- about 1½ years old)

Get fit and at the same time help developing your baby’s motorical and reflectional skills (grabbing, turning the head, pushing up, crawling, etc)!

Become a Fitmomz now and enjoy some real quality time.

In our classes we count with diastasis-recti, pelvic stability, lactation and other post-pregnancy issues.

Energising/Relaxing Massage/pre- or postnatal massage;

60 min. …..€60,-

Lovely energising and relaxing body massages for moms….dads……or kids!!

Kidsmassage (from 2 yrs old) 30 min. …..€35,-

Massages for children are proven to relieve stress, improve night rest, have a positive effect on hyperactivity (ADHD) and concentration and even (school)learning! It can also be used as a way to get trough to a sensitive mind and let the child open up his or her feelings. During a 35 minute kidsmassage session mom can get tips on how to do this at home.

Pregnancy massage;

60 min. ……€60,-

  • Relax, get pampered and energised laying on your side and front on a special massagetable that’s got a hole for your belly, which is supported by a special band.
  • stimulate blood circulation
  • improve sleep
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • minimize fluid retention in your limbs
  • help remove toxins (for a healthy pregnancy and baby)
  • relieve mucle pain (back, neck/shoulders, arms, legs, etc)
  • help your oxitosine levels

All classes and massages are given by a fully qualified and experienced coach/therapist.

For more information or bookings please call 0639879904 or use our contactform.

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